Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teaching; for it is well for the heart to be strengthened by grace. Hebrews 13:9

I have always had a lot of questions about God. As I grew up I discovered that some of those questions had already been answered while others hadn’t (and may never be answered in this life).

Pursuing answers to these questions is part of a healthy faith life. We should always seek to better understand who God is and who God says we are. But as we do this, we can be tempted to reduce God from who God is to who we want God to be.

Today’s verse points out that this was, and is, a common trap. God is bigger and more complicated than we can imagine. And yet, God’s nature can be summed up in one word, love. The love that wouldn’t leave us in sin but instead would come into this world to free us from it.

In the midst of all today’s questions, may we hold on to this fundamental truth.

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