Our Core Values

Who We Are

We are a community of people who believe that salvation is through Jesus Christ alone. In Jesus, we encounter God’s unlimited and undeserved love for us, as witnessed in the Bible. Through the Holy Spirit, we are invited to a new and changed life, following Jesus together. 

We are a multigenerational community that embraces the “messy middle,” where people from various church backgrounds and with various theological perspectives engage in real relationships and respectful conversation.

What We Do

We live out our changed lives by:

Communicating the Christian Message
Our primary purpose is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone we can reach in ways that they can hear and receive.
And so, we commit ourselves to reaching out creatively and intentionally in order to bring others into a meaningful relationship with Jesus and his followers.

Experiencing Inspired and Meaningful Worship
We believe that when the gathered community worships we can experience intimacy with God, as we acknowledge his greatness and give thanks for his goodness.
And so, we commit ourselves to gathering weekly for worship.

Developing Loving Relationships
Because God first loved us, we are called to love others. The Holy Spirit works within us as individuals and as a community to empower us to act out of love to build up our relationships with each other and with God.
And so, we commit ourselves to cultivating honest and loving relationships and a loving, welcoming atmosphere.

Growing Spiritually
We are called to deepen our understanding of and our relationship with God and to trust him fully with all aspects of our lives.
And so, we commit ourselves to helping each other grow through hearing and studying God’s word, sharing in Holy Communion, praying, and using the gifts entrusted to us by God.

Serving Those in Need
Faith and love reveal themselves in acts of obedience to Jesus, who calls us to serve those in need, especially those he called “the least of these.”
And so, we commit ourselves to reaching out in Jesus’ name to serve those in need both locally and globally in meaningful and sustainable ways through advocacy, financial support for emergency response and development, and hands-on service ministries.

How We Do What We Do

We carry out our purposes through:

  • Inspiring people through bold, Spirit-led vision, innovation, and creativity.
  • Building our capacity and effectiveness for mission and ministry by intentionally reproducing leaders.
  • Creating a permission-giving environment of trust and mutual accountability.
  • Supporting the creation of new ministries based on people’s gifts, interests, and commitment to lead.
  • Doing ministry in teams in order to use everyone’s God-given gifts and build community.
  • Praying, as individuals, as teams, and as a community.