Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Who is a rock besides our God? Psalm 18:31

I can’t tell you precisely when it occurred or what was going on, but I have a deep emotional memory of walking through the door of my house and feeling completely at ease. Like whatever was weighing on me that day was just left right outside the door. Whatever had been bothering me prior to getting home didn’t vanish. It would likely still be there needing to be dealt with on the next day, but for the next 16 hours, I was at peace. I felt safe.

Where was that place for you? Your home? A friend’s house? School? A grandparent’s house? That feeling I’m describing taps into what the Psalmist is saying about God.

Attributed to David, this Psalm is a response to God delivering David from his enemies (including King Saul). The Psalmist is describing God as ”the inaccessible rocky crag or mountain hideaway in which the beleaguered psalmist can rest secure from all attacks.”

The feeling of peace I described earlier is accessible to us no matter where we are when we develop our relationship with God. We can “rest secure” in God, in all times and in all places,  even while the troubles of life remain.

May each of us grow closer to God today. May we find peace, even while under attack from the enemy.

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