Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Lord God said, “it’s not good that man should be alone.” — Genesis 2:18.

What do you think happens immediately following today’s verse? Earlier this week I looked at the verse for today and in my head I quickly sketched out a rough plan of what I would write about.

Thankfully, prior to writing I sat down and opened up my Bible to actually read Genesis 2. If I hadn’t, I would have looked really foolish.

If you answered the opening question with, “God created Eve,” you’d be wrong. In the creation account from Genesis 2 God creates the man, then the animals, and then the woman. Because I’d read this story so many times in the past I assumed I didn’t need to go back and look at what it actually said. I knew the trajectory of the story and I could take it from there. This was a helpful reminder to me of the value of reading, and rereading, Scripture.

One of the dangers of following Jesus for a while is just how easy it is to fall into assuming we know what God has to say about a certain issue or is trying to communicate through a specific parable, story, or verse. But the beauty of the Bible is that it’s God’s living word. Each time we read it, we are bringing who we are in that precise moment and God’s Holy Spirit can help us see something new in a passage that we otherwise would think has nothing new to say to us.

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